Welcome to bluebirdluxe!

My name is Eileen ~ I'm thrilled that you've joined me! What will you find here at bluebirdluxe? ~ Mostly it's my little adventure into a handmade world! I'm rather obsessed with handmade and independent artists! I find joy in the search and it inspires me to try my hand at some new craft projects. I also love vintage, so you'll see plenty of that, too! 

Here is the entry from my first post to get to know a little more about me...if you would rather read it later, here's the way back to my home {you are always welcome at my home anytime} ~ Enjoy! ♥


October 24, 2009 ~

Hello! My name is Eileen ~ thank you for stopping by! ~ here's a little bit about me ~ 

I've always had a love for all things arts and crafts ~  It goes all the way back to a sweet kindergarten memory of decorating a little red ornament with silver glitter and glue. I was hooked. I couldn't get enough ever since. I find I'm the happiest when I'm lost in a creative endeavor. However, lately I've sort of lost touch with my creativity. So here, through these eclectic musings of mine, my mission is to nurture my inner craftswoman, to fly high and expand my artistic horizons ~

I like to dabble in many art forms, yet I'm an expert in none ~ And hey, it's ok! I've always heard dilettantes have more fun! I'm inspired to learn by the talented artisans who create their masterpieces through a captured moment in time, a sound~a scent~a taste that soothes or races my heart, a stroke of color, the hammer and twist of a wire ~ I'm intrigued by the passion of an artist and the stories behind the art. My favorite artist is my mother {xo!}, who truly has a gift and has no desire to share it with the world. I never understood that {maybe she'll let me slip it into this blog for show and tell someday!}. She can draw and paint so effortlessly! If I only had just a slight bit of that talent! I can't draw...but, I can paint my nails, paint a wall, and paint the town when I'm feeling a little crazy ~

I'm crazy in love with...{these are a few of my favorite things in a word association kind of way} ~ ...all things handmade ~ sewing ~ quilts {I've yet to finish one...} ~ luscious fabric and yarn ~ I love my cats ~ my cats love luscious fabric and yarn ~ mixed media and vintage inspired jewelry ~ photography {I've yet to take a picture in focus without a tripod...puts a serious damper on Kodak moments} ~ hooked on Martha and HGTV ~ dancing will always be in my blood! ~ romance ~ I have sweet dreams of visiting Italy ~ cupcakes ~ kitchen gadgets {and I can't even cook...kiss the cook?...I kiss better than I cook, but I cook better than I sing!} ~ I love great music, food and wine, & terrific company {you!} to share it all with ~

These simple things make my life rich and happy ~ it fulfills me ~ I look forward to finding more things to love {with the help of all my favorite places ~ to the left}, sharing my thoughts and projects with you, and hearing about your craft adventures, too!

Eileen ~ xo