Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to You!

Happy Holidays 2011

I wish you a very merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays!

Eileen ~ xo



Happy Thanksgiving!

{9556: Pumpkin Pie by David Sifry}

Hello! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you All! I wish you a wonderful, peaceful, delicious holiday day! Wherever you may be, I hope it's absolutely fantastic and surrounded by those you love! I have plenty to be thankful for in my life {family and friends, health, food, and roof} and I'm especially thankful right here right now for all of you who have stopped by to visit! I'm thankful for all of you who keep me inspired and bring joy and beauty into my day everyday! Thank you! {It's been way too long since I've posted. Has it really been three days short of 5 months?! ...ohhhh...yikes.. yes, indeed, it has...!} :)

Eileen ~ xo



My new banner photo by the wonderful Melissa of Clothwork! :) Thank you, Melissa!


Finish It Up! Challenge

Meg from Fashioned by Meg is giving me and others who have a stack of w.i.p.s a challenge! Finish It Up! You're probably thinking what I'm thinking {you're not finished yet?} Oh, how fabulous is that?! :) A summer project. Short term. June 15 - August 15th. Hit the w.i.p.s. Make room for more fun projects. I'll spare you the unfinished projects photo again, and just let you know that I'm taking it on.I got busy on some other sewing projects and I tackled nothing on that photo from a month ago, until now! My Single Girl test block now has a border, batting, and thread for hand stitching. I'll be using a light coral perle cotton. I was thinking ecru or pistachio, but coral won! The green polka dot fabric is for the piping around the pillow. How's that for progress?! A new pillow will finally emerge!

It looks like everyone has a list over a Meg's. :) Here's mine ~ in no particular order

  • Single Girl test block, make it a pillow {fabric: Dream On by Moda}
  • Half hexagon quilt top. I don't know what my final size will be {fabric: Rose Parade by Moda}
  • Two grocery bags by Keyka Lou {Fabric: Farmdale by Alexander Henry, DS Quilts}
  • Kitchen floor mat {so close...} {Fabric: California Dreamin' by Jenean Morrison}
  • Sewing machine cover {that I originally was going to give to Corrin at my quilt guild, but it turned out sooo unbelievably wonky {seriously, you'll see} that I could not give it to her! But, I'm going to finish it and use it. :) {fabric: Nest by Valori Wells}
  • Shower curtain {fabric: ? something pretty from JoAnn's, I only need a 5/8" grommet tool} 
  • Single Girl Quilt {fabric: Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler}  This will not get done by August 15th. Not even going to try. I'm hand stitching and I don't want to rush. This is a longer term project. So, I will commit to stitching at least two blocks by the deadline. :)
  • A long over due pouch/mini messenger bag for embroidery/cross stitch gift! :)

I need to Finish It Up! because this is waiting in the wings:

I'm exhausted just writing all that. If you've made it this far into the post ~ {sigh} thank you! :)

Do you have any projects you need to finish? Join me...

Eileen ~ xo




I love magazines! I really love magazines! I'm beginning to get on the online magazine track, but I can't resist some page flipping goodness. {ps. I do recycle the ones I can part with, it may takes years, but I do let some go ;) } Have you ever gone into a store knowing you only needed something that was maybe two bucks and you walk out with two magazines, too? Thank goodness, I'm so happy this is what happened to me today! :) My list of loves is pretty long...but, I'll share them with you one at a time...


I love MOLLIE MAKES! This is the very first issue! It's a new U.K. magazine featuring all that's beautiful and handmade. True to it's word "Living & Loving Handmade ~ making, thrifting, collecting, crafting" and shop visits, home tours, chats, and studio ideas {Zee!}. Serious eye candy and inspiration going on in these pages! I must subscribe and not count on the newsstand, because apparently, {gasp!} Issue 2 is out! And of course I'm on the hunt. I cannot miss it.  Me and Mollie Makes, this the beginning of a beautiful new collection! :)

 See? Gorgeous, right? and that's just a peek :)

What are your favorite magazines ~ online or print? 


Eileen ~ xo




Doodle Embroidery Giveaway Winner!



I'm so happy to announce the winner of the Doodle Embroidery Quilt Block Giveaway...

Amy from Magpie and Muttonfly!


I'll be sending you your little package soon! :) Enjoy!


Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway! You are wonderful and you put a big smile on my face! :)

Remember, Amanda will have a giveaway at her blog each time a new block is available! So check in at Itchin' Stitchin!


Eileen ~ xo